Show Teams at 2Step Dance

Our showteams are an exclusive group of students who rehearse together and perform at various competitions and performances throughout the year as well as have the opportunity to take part in workshop classes with various industry professionals at 2Step.


Our showteams are invitational based and require a higher level of commitment, dedication and skill level. Our Principals Rebecca and Nicole observe students throughout the year in a variety of genres to seek students to be part of this exclusive team.

2Step Showteam students are students with the desire to grow as a performer, dedication to commit to your team, discipline to your craft and the determination to become the best dancer you can be.

Show Team members are asked to give the studio and there Team commitment and dedication so that every member can perform to their full potential and learn to dance as a team. To be eligible to perform in the showteams, students need to meet a requirement of classes depending on age and genre of the showteam. Ballet and Jazz are compulsory for every member of showteam to continually improve their technique, co-ordination and strength. Our Showteams are available for students from 6 years to Advanced.

At 2Step Dance we strive to provide our students with as many experiences and opportunities as possible. Each term we hold workshops in different genres with both international and local industry professionals. We feel this is important for our students to gain exposure to a different variety of teaching styles and providing them with current and up to date choreography whilst experiencing what it would be like to work and dance in the professional dance circuit.

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