Melanie Cicchini is a born and breed Sydney artist and has been involved in the performing arts for over 20 years. In 2001 she was awarded a scholarship on the Advanced Balled Exam in BAL for achieving one of the highest marks in Australia and New Zealand. 

In 2006 completed a full time course at ED5 and since then have been working professionally as a dancer, circus artist and actor.

Melanie is also a seasoned circus artist with over 10 years experience. Melanie has performed all over Sydney as an aerialist and ground artist at high end cooperate gigs as well as overseas and has taught masterclass workshops in circus in various countries. 

She has trained with top mentors and coaches over the years ranging from cirque du soleil artists/ trainers, fruit flys and Aerialize. Her acrobatics coach of over 15 years is renowned Dymitri Zorin ( ex USSR Olympic coach 1980-88). 

She has been teaching for over 15 years and is focused on creating future circus artists and athletes and hopes that one day they all run away with the circus.  Mel enjoys working with young students to ‘mold’ them into artistic and creative individuals and tap into their innovative and confident selves.