At 2Step Dance we offer a variety of dance styles suited to each age group. It is important that we offer a large range of styles to ensure that students are diverse and able to adapt to the continually evolving Australian dance industry.


RAD Classical Ballet

At 2Step Dance we offer an internationally recognised range of exams designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability. RAD exams offer young dancers the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications that will serve them well in a career in dance as well as being of value later in life when considering further career development.

Taking an RAD ballet examination has many benefits to students giving them a goal to work towards and the desire to achieve their personal best. Each student that completes an examination is acknowledged by the Royal Academy of Dance and is awarded a qualification that is recognised around the world.

Glenn Wood Tap

At 2Step Dance we offer the Glenn Wood Tap syllabus which is a dynamic tap dance style syllabus which is fun and exciting for students to learn. What sets it apart from other syllabi is that it is founded on solid technique, whilst being fluid, relaxed and enjoyable. The syllabus explores different rhythms, sounds and styles using individual steps, combinations, performance quality routines as well as barre activities and turning technique exercises.

GWT examinations are enjoyable and beneficial by allowing students to set goals and see the rewards of their hard work and provide them with acknowledgment of their achievements.


Ballet is another fundamental of dance and is a strict and technical dance style. Ballet requires discipline, balance, grace, and agility and focuses on strengthening a dancers posture and core. Classical Ballet is the essential part of every dancers repertoire. We recommend students at 2Step Dance to learn Classical Ballet as ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and line.


Hip Hip started in the streets and has evolved throughout the years combining funk and pop culture to develop skills and express movements in a funky and soulful style. The choreography focuses on isolations, teaching students how to use and move different parts of the body. Students will learn techniques from popping, locking and breaking to further develop their own unique style.


Tap is a great way to increase coordination and develop a great sense of rhythm and timing. Tap is a high energy and an iconic dance style focusing on musicality, precision and percussion of the feet. Students are taught technically based exercises and combinations to improve their skills in this genre.

Commercial Jazz

Jazz is one of the most popular styles of Dance and is one of the basic fundamentals of all dance styles. Jazz is an overall fun and energetic style which requires strength, flexibility and coordination in order to perform technical movements such as Kicks, Leaps and Turns. Commercial Jazz is one of the main styles of dance seen on television in commercials, stage performances and movies.


Artistic and expressive, Lyrical dance is a combination of ballet technique crossed with floor work, agility and free ranging movement, to express strong emotions such as love, joy, sadness or anger.. The style can be categorized by fluidity and grace teaching students to flow seamlessly from one move to another.

Musical Theatre

This fun filled style allows students to become different characters and explore different emotions through singing, drama and dance. Students learn songs and dances from popular broadway shows and musical theatre techniques and choreography from popular broadway musicals.

Kicks, Leaps and Turns

Technically based and fundamental to the basis of all styles of dance, Kicks, Leaps and Turns is a class that provides challenging combinations and individual techniques to enhance students technical capacity. This specialized class is disciplined and designed for the more experienced dancer offering the ability to fine tune and extend their repertoire.


Students will learn microphone technique, audition preparation and gain the skills and confidence  to perform as part of a group or as an individual. These classes are open to all students, with no audition or experience required This is a great class for students wishing to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, or if you are just looking to build your confidence. Our Singing teachers have the experience and knowledge of working in the industry that they then pass onto our students.