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2Step Dance provides a range of dance styles and levels as well as acrobatics for dance, singing and musical theatre.

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RAD Classical Ballet

Balance, grace, agility and discipline, Classical Ballet is the essential part of every dancers repertoire.

We recommend students at 2Step Dance to learn Classical Ballet as ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control, coordination and line.


Glenn Wood Tap

Musicality, rhythm, and precision are the 'souls' of the tap; while the style from classic Vaudeville to today's funky street groove, is its heart.

Tap students will learn fast and technical footwork and  how to dance to different time signatures, counter-rhythms, turning skills with an aim for speed, and great routines.


Modern Jazz

This energetic class develops and strengthens a good jazz technique.

This class will involve all the different genres of jazz from Broadway to Fosse and Hip Hop to give students a chance to experience all different jazz styles, and also giving them a good cardio work out.


Hip Hop

Ever dreamed of being in the latest film clip, this high-energy class not only improves physical fitness, but rhythm, freestyle movement, and self-confidence as well.

Hip Hop classes at 2Step are set to the latest music, and performing the latest, funky dance moves!



Designed to incorporate strength, flexibility and balancing skills as students learn the correct technique to master somersaults, floor work and other tricks.

Our qualified 2Step Dance acrobatics instructors ensure that safe spotting and balance skills are always present in every class.



Contemporary sudents at 2Step will learn to express themselves and a story through the very broad and experimental choreography.

It is a very creative dance style that is both dynamic and smooth, taking the dancer and the choreographer beyond their limitations. There are no boundaries to the Contemporary style of dance.


Wiggle & Giggle & Groove Pre-School

This class is all about FUN!!!! It is designed for boys and girls within the age of 3-5 years old (before big school). The Wiggle and Giggle class will teach basic and simple movements of Jazz, Tap and Ballet within a one hour class, increasing the children's co-ordination, musicality, rhythm and confidence, with the emphasis on the Giggle!

Within this hour class a range of props and equipment such as, fairy/magician wands, pom-poms, fairy wings, hula hoops will be included to keep the children motivated and excited about the class.



Students will learn popular songs and vocal techniques as part of a group or as an individual. These classes are open to all students, with no audition required.

This is a great class for students wishing to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, or if you are just looking to build your confidence.


Street Tap

A modern and exciting new style of tap based on the work of Tap Dogs and Stomp, bringing a funky edge to your tap class.

Street tap at 2Step is a freestyle form compared to the exam tap classes.


Musical Theatre

This will be a fun filled intense Musical theatre class combines many styles of dance. Gain knowledge into a wide range of Musical Theatre shows.

Every week you will be pushed technically and physically with new dances and routines, helping each student prepare for professional musical theatre auditions



Ever wanted to dance like Justice Crew??? Well at 2Step Dance you can learn how!

Break-dance is a class offered to b-boys and b-girls of all ages and incorporates a range of hip hop and break-dance techniques to help the beginner to the more advance student.


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Age Indicator

  • Wiggle and Giggle +

    2 Years - 3 Years
  • Wiggle and Groove +

    4 Years - 5 Years
  • Pre Junior +

    5 Years - 6 Years
  • Junior +

    7 Years - 8 Years
  • Intermediate +

    9 Years - 10 Years
  • Pre Senior +

    11 Years - 12 Years
  • Senior +

    13 Years - 14 Years
  • Pre Advanced +

    15 Years - 16 Years
  • Advanced +

    17 Years and older
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Show Teams

Show Team is for students to participate in many eisteddfods throughout the year, and promotional work, to promote both themselves and the studio. Participation in Show Team is by invitation or audition only by teachers and in some cases there may be an audition.

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Exam Classes

Exams will be taken by those students who wish to take part every year. This will be in Ballet and Tap only. All classes will be learning exam work, but for those students participating, extra classes may be called closer to the exam time.


"When I first came to 2Step I was a bit worried but then when I met Nicole and Rebecca I knew I would be just fine. They introduced me to everyone at 2Step. They gave me a big hug and made me feel very welcome"

Alana - student

"From the first moment when I met the 2 sisters and owners of 2Step I knew it was the place. They were so approachable that I felt that I could completely express what I wanted from them. Not only did they listen but exceeded all of our expectations"

Jo - mum at 2Step

"My favourite part about being a dancer at 2Step is that all the teachers always give everyone a go and give everyone a chance to shine on stage"

Layla - student